Frankly My Dear, I Need a DAM

An Introduction to Digital Asset Management
Learn how to determine your DAM needs, requirements, and budget, analyze a range of software solutions and explore the world of “meta-data,” which is how we make non-textual files searchable.
The first in a series of three digital media workshops offered by the UW Dept of Communication.


  • Importance of Structure
    • How many bytes for … ?
      • A typewritten page – 2 kB
      • A short novel – 1 MB
      • A pickup truck filled with books – 1 GB
      • A collection of the works of Beethoven – 20 GB
      • A library floor of academic journals – 100 GB
  • MetaData
  • Taxonomy/Folksonomy
    • Example:
    • Pew
    • Does a controlled vocabulary fit into your information management
      plan? If there is more than one person searching the data and more than
      one person inputting the data … then the answer is clearly yes!


Additional Reading:


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