Smartphone Isn’t

My Windows Mobile Blackjack (Cingular/AT&T) announced, when I woke it up today, that it (Windows Mobile took credit) had reset my time back an hour because of Daylight Savings Time (DST). I thought that was a little strange, because I didn’t think it was this weekend.

But I was happy to have snagged an extra hour of sleep! Or so I thought … until I checked my laptop (nope, no change; it’s synced with Apple) and our satellite clock (nope, no change). Look at the front page of the Sunday newspaper; nope, no reminder. Google, of course, came next.

A quick check shows that Microsoft knows that DST ends on 4 November 2007. Why my phone decided it didn’t … seems to be a function of my carrier (Cingular/AT&T), per this  post from EdgeBlog in January:

One big area that is lacking is Windows Mobile smartphones & PDAs. Microsoft [released] a registry fix and instructed the carriers to push out a patch. Most of the carriers, in their infinite wisdom, have neglected to do so. If you rely on your Windows smartphone, you need this fix. Microsoft published the registry fix here. This fix requires you to build a CAB file and then install it.

Sigh. That was January!

In March (DST started 11 March), Microsoft released another patch. [For the record, I got my phone in April.] The patch was updated in August. (WTH?) Anway, I navigated there and installed the new CAB.


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