Search Engine Marketing Wiki Launched

Kalena Jordan has launched a wiki (beta) dedicated to search engines. There’s info about conferences, terms, personalities, blogs, and, of course, the search engines themselves (organized by country – amazing). (tip)

The site is beta, so here are some design suggestions for Kalena:

  • Ditch the ALL CAPS page titles. If the title is being drawn automatically from the H1, and you’re married to the idea of ALL CAPS THERE (note: they’re harder to read than mixed case), then change your stylesheet.
  • The definitions are a useful resource — but the list (all lists, not just these) should be set off with bullets or numbers for ease of readability.
  • The naming convention / information architecture is confusing: ArticlesELearning, CategoryBooks, SearchEnginesBotswana. If I am “on” the search engines category page, the link should simply be “Botswana.”

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