A Twhirl Bug?

thumbnail of Twhirl screenshot

I’ve set up Twhirl (a Twitter client) with three accounts, in order to experiment with grouping tweets (sorta) by topic.

I have my main account (kegill), where I tweet and where I follow people that I really know as well as people who I think have interesting ideas on a broad area of topics; a politics account (uspolitics) where I feed my US Politics posts and follow breaking news and political tweets; and an education account (kegill_uw) where I follow people whose primary focus is, well, education.

However, as you can see from this screenshot, the last account created (kegill_uw), improperly shows the most recent tweet. It also doesn’t seem to update without an occasional kick-in-the-pants.

Thoughts? Am I alone in this problem?

Update: It also wouldn’t let me post a tweet. One of our MCDM students says he’s had similar problems with Twhirl on his laptop and that it doesn’t run well at all on his desktop.


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