Phototampering Throughout History

Scientific American has a feature on digital forensics and “doctored” images as well as a slideshow of 10 political images (nine are pre-digital) that illustrate the craft. Although digital technologies may make it easier to falsify images, the SI article demonstrates that the 180-year history of photography is punctuated with manipulation. For example, photo that you probably think of when you think of Abraham Lincoln is a composite! (tip)


One thought on “Phototampering Throughout History

  1. Thanks for posting this link.

    Very thought provoking.

    I remember at the time, the debate over the photo of Chairman Mao swimming with thousands of young Chinese in the Yangtze River.

    I can’t remember his name, but he died a few months ago, and was one time Chairman of the Magnum Photographic Agency, and famous War photographer. He wouldn’t use digital or even crop his shots, he would hold up a negative and prove “what I shot is what you see”.

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