365 Project : Day 2

Sad Bike

Why Me? Random Acts of Violence

So many questions crossed my mind as I took in this scene on 3rd Avenue this morning, just north of Bed Bath & Beyond. Why the blue bike and not the black one? Why take both tires and chain — why not the entire bike? (Yes, it appears that the blue bike had been locked.) Look at the massive chain that is securing the black bike — and notice the missing seat. A young man who wandered by while I was shooting said he thought the owner of the black bike had probably removed the seat when locking the bike.

  • Place: 3rd and Lenora, Seattle WA
  • Camera: iPhone4
  • Manipulation:  Cropped with PhotoShop

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One thought on “365 Project : Day 2

  1. Very nice shot. I’m organizing free Photo Blitz Contests every 2 weeks. Today the theme is just Bicycles. If you want to join this little competition let me know and I shall put this photo in the contest. But hurry it is exipiring. Bye, Dino

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