Restaurants Use Twitter To Respond To Customer Complaints

USA Today features Chicago restaurant Wow Bao (@BaoMouth), “an upscale fast food place,” as an example of how food service is using Twitter to respond to digital word-of-mouth.

Geoff Alexander, managing partner of Wow Bao, explained his company’s Twitter commitment like this: If somebody has 1,000 followers and writes a negative Tweet about Wow Bao, then 1,000 people could think the restaurant is bad. But if Wow Bao publicly responds to that Tweet, 1,000 people may see the issue is being handled.

The article also notes that Graham Elliot (@GrahamElliot), owner of Chicago’s Graham Elliot Restaurant and judge on Fox’s reality TV show MasterChef, writes his own tweets because he “wants his Twitter voice to be in line with the brand.”

“It’s great to have this wall torn down,” Elliot said. “Most of the time, people just want to be heard.”

Stats: @GrahamElliot

  • 1,557 Tweets
  • 516 Lists
  • Following 0
  • @ replies: 30.89%
  • RT: 5.14%

Stats: @BaoMouth

  • 8,658 Tweets
  • 253 Lists
  • Following 991
  • @ replies: 21.34%
  • RT: 60.41%

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