Contacting The Governing

In my digital democracy class, students are contacting elected representations (local, state, federal – their choice) in various ways to see how long it takes to get a reply and the type of reply. I told them that I’d do it as well.

My topic: the fourth Amendment and TSA’s use of privacy-invading scanners without having conducted either cost-benefit analysis or privacy risk assessment. (See PDF minus my address.)

  • Sen. Patty Murray
    • The contact form on her website makes it clear that help with individual problems (eg, immigration issue, veteran benefits, social security benefits) requires a privacy release form. Otherwise, it’s a straightforward form (with a teeny-tiny text box). No phone number required but email address is required.
    • Via fax – 202-224-0238
  • Sen. Maria Cantwell
    • The contact form on her website directs constituents to a different section (services) when seeking individual help. Cantwell requires a phone number in addition to email address.
    • Via fax – 202-228-0514
  • Rep. Jay Inslee (1st District)
    • The contact form on his website does not require phone or email for followup. Nor is there any information about the privacy release form. There is, however, a radio-button to subscribe to email updates.
    • Via fax – 202-226-1606

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