Thinking Visually: IBM Circa 1975

I remember the pre-PowerPoint days, and the challenges of creating slide presentations: 35 mm slides created by hand and with computerized augmentation. Here’s a great presentation (wish we had the speaker notes!) ostensibly from IBM (1975). I use “great” because of color and design that feels almost modern and Zen-like (Garr Reynolds). I say “ostensibly” because the provenance is, umm, nuanced.

This slide show was first posted at; the page isn’t working at the moment. It was featured in 2008 on AisleOne, The FastForward BlogISO50 and Flickr (July) as well as VeryShortList (August) and  Trendland (November); in 2009 on AtariAge; and in 2010 on bumbumbum, DesignLessBetter and HauteSlides. It was also shared on various tech mailing lists. A PPT presentation lives on DocStoc and now Slideshare.

If you know anything about the provenance, please say so in the comments!

UPDATE: I found a different version on SlideShare with far more slides than the DocStoc version – “Combined by PowerLexis – Russia’s leading presentation and design consulting company”.  It, too, says the images came from ShareAmerica.

UPDATE 2: I have modified my Slideshare upload, grouping slides by type and making it clear that the provenance of this piece is questionable.


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