Creative expression for inspiring creativity, the Mr. Rogers remix

Just before lunch today, at the Emerging Media Conference in Seattle, I met the Mr. Rogers Remix, courtesy of Pascal Schuback (@Schuback):

I’m an oddity among folks my age: I did not watch Mr. Rogers growing up. I know who he is, of course, but neither he or his show is going to accompany me on a memory lane jaunt.

But I found this video not only charming and warm but inspirational, a reminder that childhood is a time for experiments and new experiences and fun.

This reminder sits in stark contrast with the regimented childhood that faces many children today. It’s like parents across the nation have been infected with the the same virus that prompted Patsy Ramsey to turn her six-year-old daughter into a mini-Miss America. Maybe it’s helicopter parenting or maybe something else. But a structured and calendared childhood leaves little room for creativity or exercising “the garden of your mind.”

The remix, produced by John D. Boswell of Seattle at the request of PBS, has almost 5 million views. PBS, demonstrating scrappiness and risk-taking with this project, has documented the launch and response on Storify. [Boswell is AKA melodysheep.]

In acknowledgement of the overwhelmingly positive reaction, PBS has also released an mp3 of the song.

[T]he video will soon be broadcast on PBS stations around the country. PBS is also planning more videos in a series they have dubbed PBS Icons Remixed. “We know there is a huge audience out there for PBS television programs in the mobile and web space,” Seiken says, “Now we are beginning to create web original productions that have the quality of PBS, but the sensibility of YouTube.” With a viral Mr. Rogers, it seems like they are off to a good start. [fastcocreate]

Enjoy! And consider contributing to your local PBS station.


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