The Burden of Professional Work in the United States

Ostensibly about gender roles and the 50th anniversary of The Feminine Mystique, this NYT essay is, at its core, an indictment of boomer leadership, political institutions and corporations in 21st century America.

During the 1920s, hours worked (for pay) in the U.S. had “stabilized at about 49 hours a week.”
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Tech leaders, websites join national moment of silence for Sandy Hook victims

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy has asked residents for a moment of silence in honor of the Sandy Hook victims on Friday.

Malloy’s fellow governors in Maine, Illinois, Michigan and several other states called on residents to follow suit with a moment of silence and to ring bells to remember the dead. The National Cathedral in Washington plans to ring its bell 28 times as part of an interfaith memorial.

President Obama will also observe the moment of silence.

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Meme Chasing: Literacy In America

The data points sound horrifying:

  • 46 percent of American children enter kindergarten lacking the basic language skills they need to learn to read
  • 61 percent of low-income children have no children’s books in their homes

The verbs convey urgency (currency is an intentional affect, as the factoids are used for fundraising, establishing organizational mandates) and imply that the data are current. But are the data points true, for any definition of “truth”?

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YouTube Politics: Obama To Hold Google+ Hangout Monday


Obama, 2012 SOTU, White House Photo

In 2007, Google and YouTube broke into presidential politics by holding a “debate” in conjunction with CNN. At the time, Google had owned YouTube for less than a year.

Flash forward almost five years. On Monday at 5.30 p.m. Eastern, Google+ (which is also less than a year old), is the stage for a presidential response to last week’s State of the Union address. As in 2007, the questions are generated by us. And as in 2007, which questions get answered is not being left in the hands of the crowd.

From 2007:

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