MSIE 9 and Rounded Corners

The CSS3 property border-radius lets web designers create boxes with rounded corners without needing the kludge of gifs or pngs with transparent backgrounds.

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Five Clicks To Get To A Download Is At Least Four Too Many

Listen up, marketing folks. Tell your developers you need bookmarkable URLs so that when a customer clicks on a link, she can go straight to the product. If it’s not in the functional spec, it’s not going to happen.

search resultsHere’s a tale from Microsoft. I needed to install Microsoft Remote Desktop, so that was the query I typed into my search bar. And the software was the first search result.

The product page had a download button prominently displayed. Yeah!

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News Orgs, Listen Up: Make It EASY To Contact You!

This design critique will probably come out sounding like a rant, but it drives me crazy to see news organizations shooting themselves in the foot. I’m reminded of the Molly Ivins quote from 2006:

I don’t so much mind that newspapers are dying — it’s watching them commit suicide that pisses me off.

Well, I do mind that they are dying. And I’m really pissed off when they demonstrate cluelessness that contributes to the death watch.

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