Five Clicks To Get To A Download Is At Least Four Too Many

Listen up, marketing folks. Tell your developers you need bookmarkable URLs so that when a customer clicks on a link, she can go straight to the product. If it’s not in the functional spec, it’s not going to happen.

search resultsHere’s a tale from Microsoft. I needed to install Microsoft Remote Desktop, so that was the query I typed into my search bar. And the software was the first search result.

The product page had a download button prominently displayed. Yeah!

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Attention Marketing Folks: We Do Look For The Fine Print

My other half is job looking, so I’ve been helping out. Somehow (LinkedIn?) I found IvyExec. I completed the registration process:

IveExec Trial screen

After an applicant completes the application, IvyExec presents this  confirmation screen.

But what did I see after I clicked “activate your free trial”?

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Dear Marketing Folks: Leaving A Blog Comment Does Not Mean I Want Your Email

I was added to a Breitbart Report mailing list today (without opting in). The announcement mail assured me that I would be the beneficiary of Breitbart’s “timely news and other information, independent of media bias” and that I was receiving the mail based on my “past interest” which was reflected by my having commented on one of his sites.

Breitbard told the marketing company that I had opted in (screenshot below the fold); that was a lie. I was added to the list, without permission, and had to opt-out to remove myself.

What egocentrism, to think that anyone who commented on one of his sites would want email spam! Comment does not equal agreement. Nor does comment equal “it’s OK to spam me now.”

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Where’s The Background? Ogilvy Taiwan’s “Dream Rangers”

This is a fabulous 3-minute commercial (it feels like a movie trailer) for TC Bank, based, it says, on a true story. The videography and editing are so good that subtitles really aren’t needed. (They do add some context.)

If you had a video with 2M+ views, wouldn’t you provide a link to a page with background info? Who are these men? How did Ogilvy learn their story? I can’t find anything on Ogilvy’s website or through Google (most of the hits are embeds of the YouTube clip).

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Stephen Colbert Really DID This?

colbert huffpo

I didn’t think he would!

Earlier this week, Stephen Colbert took aim at Rupert Murdoch’s “The Daily” (an iPad app) and the Huffington Post-AOL deal. In the riff, he said that the HuffPo was “famous for its extensive, comprehensive coverage of things other people produce and put on the Internet” and announced that he was going to rip-off HuffPo. He has:

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