How To Create Custom Menus In WordPress

Every WordPress theme comes pre-set with a default menu that is, usually, based on how you structure your pages. Some have drop-downs to show secondary pages (children) but some only show top-level pages.

With the advent of WordPress 3, you can now create a custom menu where you add or delete pages from the primary navigation at will. Or you can create a custom menu that you use somewhere else. Here’s how.

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Mini-rant: Web hosting company set up policies

freeThe complimentary one-year domain name that web hosts use to lure new customers too often has a downside (or two). They range from inconvenient to security risks. But the most frustrating: failure to provide specific information on the “temporary” location of the website.

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WordPress and Widgets

WordPress widgets provide design flexibility by allowing you to customize “sidebar” content. I put sidebar in quotation marks because where — and how many — sidebar sections you have depends upon the design of your WordPress theme. A “sidebar” might actually live as a footer or it might contain two sections or there might be a right-and-left sidebar. It all depends on the theme.

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