Photo Sharing Sites: Unique Visitors (2012)

Curious about photo sharing website traffic?

These images provide data on unique visitors, courtesy of GraphBuzz, and active users from AppStats.

ApStats - Twitter and Instagram

AppStats data suggests active users on Instagram has plummeted since the controversy about its terms of service change.

More about the December dust up.
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Meme Chasing: Literacy In America

The data points sound horrifying:

  • 46 percent of American children enter kindergarten lacking the basic language skills they need to learn to read
  • 61 percent of low-income children have no children’s books in their homes

The verbs convey urgency (currency is an intentional affect, as the factoids are used for fundraising, establishing organizational mandates) and imply that the data are current. But are the data points true, for any definition of “truth”?

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Online Video: Calling Apple A Market Leader Is An Understatement

The headlines from two days ago trumpeted Wal-Mart’s success in buying Vudu but the real story is that Apple holds two-thirds of the online movie market, based on revenue. The dollar amounts are, umm, less than stellar, however.

According to IHS Screen Digest Media Research (press release), Apple’s iTunes store had captured 65.8 percent of consumer spending for electronic movie sales and Internet video on demand (iVOD) during the first half of 2011.

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Are There Really More eBook Sales Than Paperback Sales?

Updated 23 April : The Answer Is “No”
There was a flurry of press during the past week with headlines like this one: “E-book sales make history in the US, top paperback books in sales.”

But is that really what the Association of American Publishers (AAP) data (or the press release) said?
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How Do People Read Tweets? (Take Two)

What changed in how people read their Tweetstream while UberTwitter and Twidroyd were shut off from the Twitter API?

Twitter for Blackberry got a big (more than 50%) boost, which suggests that at least some UberTwitter customers opted for a new client. TweetDeck lost share, which doesn’t make sense (it wasn’t blocked) but moved up in ranking. Another ranking boost: the Mobile Web moved from position six to position five, suggesting some of those Blackberry and Android customers simply switched to their browsers.
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