The Story Behind The Photo

I love stories like these, the back-story. A Paul Harvey “the rest of the story” story, sorta.

At about 11.15 pm Eastern Tuesday night, the Obama campaign tweeted and Facebooked a picture of Barack and Michelle Obama, a photo clearly not taken at that moment. (The sky was not dark; she was wearing a sleeveless dress.)

Twitter photo
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Social Media Credited With Derailing Last Minute Slight Of Hand In Georgia

Midnight and the close of the 2012 legislative session were around the corner (10:02 pm) when the Georgia Senate passed HB 875 on a 48-2 vote. The bill that the Senate voted on was substantially different from the version it passed less than 12 hours earlier; however, the Senator didn’t share that bit of information with his peers. By the time the House rejected the bill, only an hour later, word of the deceit had bypassed circumvented the mute Republican leadership via the magic of zeros-and-ones.

Has old school political machination met its match with digital networking?

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Twitter Accounts Every Journalism Student Should Follow

Earlier this month, USA Today Educate listed nine Twitter accounts that journalism students should follow. In this Storify, I provide my recommendations, a mix of educators, journalists and techies; media/news; and news-related organizations. You can also follow the list or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Read the article at Storify! No embeds in sites yet. (I need to migrate!)