How-to: Forward Google Form Submissions To e-mail

If you have ever used a Google form for collecting information (maybe RSVPs to a party), you may have wished there was something RSS-like that would automatically alert you to the fact that you had a new submission. Good news! You can configure the spreadsheet associated with the Google form to do just that. This requires no coding experience, because Amit Agarwal has already written the code bits. Continue reading


How Buzzfeed infringes on copyright and TOS

BuzzFeed is (in)famous for its photo gallery stories. A guaranteed click-through engine, but what about the ethics (and legality) of the practice?

Last month, in an article about copyright and photos for PBS MediaShift, I wrote:

In a sponsored post from 2010, BuzzFeed appropriated a copyrighted photo published first on The Daily Mail. The photo on BuzzFeed was cropped to remove the photographer’s ID and copyright line. And someone slightly modified the color of the sky.

Last year, Alexis Madrigal delved into BuzzFeed’s practice of lifting photos from the web. BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti argued “fair use”:

But it’s not just sponsored posts (aka ads). It’s regular “stories” too, as this deconstruction shows.

Just say no to Buzzfeed. And for the sake of all that is holy, don’t share posts like these. It’s a corrupt business model. (We can talk about the Imgur and Tumblr business models another day.)

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GoDaddy: Poster Child For Silicon Valley Sexism

Go Away DaddyWhen I teach a class that involves students purchasing domain names and building a website, I always advise against GoDaddy as a registrar. When students ask why, I mention the user-unfriendly interface and personal experience with trying to transfer domains.

I’ll add the company’s demeaning ads to these reasons: the horrible UX and the company’s 2012 support of SOPA. And, yes, Silicon Valley is home to one of the most sexist industrieson the planet.

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