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If you want to learn more about me, there’s a page for that. These are some places where I live online: the digital Kathy E. Gill. (I’m using “social” as the page title because that’s the adjective d’jour, not because I think it’s the right adjective. IOW, I’m being pragmatic.)

Kathy E Gill on twitter Kathy E Gill on facebook Kathy E Gill on Flickr Kathy E Gill on youtube Kathy E Gill on linked in
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My primary Twitter account is @kegill. However, I have others:

  • @kathygill – First set up to as a place for people to find me, it is now a personal account where I tweet about motorcycles and such. Very low volume.
  • @kegill_uw – Education-related tweets as well as course-specific ones. This is the account that I have students follow for classes.
  • @kathy_live – As the name implies, this is for event tweeting.
  • @uwtwtrbook – The account for my Twitter book.

Content is, in general, Creative Commons licensed: non-commercial reuse with attribution, share-and-share-alike.

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5 thoughts on “Social Kathy

  1. It’s a long shot but I dated a young lady and ran with her brother Jim in parma Ohio. When I left for marines in 65 I lost them are you the the same kathy?

  2. Merry Christmas!
    I found your web presence searching for an audacity tutorial. Your classes sound great. How do I enroll? UW alum, greater Seattle area, BMW F-650 Dakar/tilted toward dual-sport.

  3. Aloha Kathy,
    Am writing a book and am planning on using an article you wrote in it.
    It’s about how the Republicans didn’t regulate the sub prime mortgages bringing about the economic problems that we are currently having.
    The web page above is a timeline of the island’s economic collapse, caused by government corruption.
    The corruption that started following 911…1992, evolved into the islands economic collapse, that evolved into the accounting scandal, that evolved into the subprime melt down.
    As a result of Kauai’s economic collapse Steve Case became one of, if not the largest landowner on the island, if not the State.
    The people who appraised one of the pieces that he bought turned out to be a furloughed con man, who was so busy running his second series of cons that he was being helped by a furloughed murderer.
    One of the directors was a close associate to a gentleman who knew the con man, who was also a confidant to a senior Senator, who served on boards with a gentleman who became President of the American Bankers Association when law changes were coming about the opened the door to the accounting scandal, all the while a fugitive from the law with a warrant out for his arrest, for running cons prior to coming to Kauai.

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