How To: Using Peer Review: Make a Comment

Watch this clip to see how to comment on a Peer Review Document (in my classes, it’s a proposal idea). This is a quick-and-dirty piece — the audio illustrates that I have a noisy office!

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How To: Accessing UW Library Databases

This tutorial shows you how to access an article in a University of Washington Library database (such as ACM) from off-campus by beginning at the UW Library website.. If you are on campus, the steps are the same, except there is no need for the off-campus login steps.

However, some people use the library proxy bookmarklet rather than beginning research at the UW Libraries web site. More info on that option is available at

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How To: Proquest and APA

Login to the UW Library website, go to databases, and select Proquest.

To find only scholarly articles, be sure to select the “scholarly article” checkbox. Otherwise, you can select the scholarly “tab” on the results screen.

Use the simple or advanced search.

When you find an article that seems interesting, “mark” it by selecting the checkbox. Proquest maintains a list of your marked articles for this search session.

Creative Commons

Students are also required to create a “course page” that has information about their class project and the article that they bring to class when it’s their turn to lead discussion.

Here’s what your Creative Commons license — published on your course page —  might look like:

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 License.

Powerpoint To HTML

Students in COM300 create a PPT presentation as part of their role as a discussion leader. This tutorial (part of the COM300 website) walks students through creating a basic powerpoint presentation and saving it as HTML. [HTML version required Winter 2007 only, not Spring.] In addition, students learn how to upload those files (FTP) to their University of Washington webserver.